insider tricks to FIX BEAUTY DISASTERS

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Here are fixes for three of the most common beauty disasters…

1. Blemishes. At the first sign of trouble, dab a benzoyl peroxide ointment on the spot to reduce inflammation and kill zit-causing bacteria. Once that’s dry, fight the redness with a dot of cortisone cream or a drop of Visine {makeup artists love this trick for photo shoots}. Cover the blemish with a thick, cakey concealer, dotting it on with a small synthetic brush and blending the outer edges. Then hold it all in place with translucent powder pressed onto the skin with a clean sponge.

2. Undereye bags. Get up and get moving to reduce swollen eyes, and drink two glasses of water or an electrolyte drink like Gatorade. Then rest a bag of frozen peas, chilled cucumber slices, or a hand towel filled with crushed ice on your eyes for about ten minutes. When it’s time to put on makeup, restrict liner to the upper lids only {if you wear it at all}, keep the liner smudgy {a spindly line will accentuate any bloat}, and apply your blush high on the cheekbones instead of on the apples. In the future, prevent puffy eyes by sleeping with an extra pillow.

3. Bloodshot eyes. Eye-whitening drops are fine to use once in a while, but doctors don’t recommend them for more than two or three days in a row. You can fake whiter eyes by applying a yellow-based concealer under the lower lashes with a fine, pointy brush and using a white eye pencil on the inner lash line. For eye shadows, go with neutrals, greens, blues, or greys; pinks and purples will exaggerate the redness.

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  • Hi Nikki – do you have any product recommendation to help combat the signs of aging – crows feet in particular! Maybe I’ll just quit similing!