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September 12, 2013

Today I had a one-on-one masterclass with celeb chef, dad {and really good-guy}, Ben O’Donoghue… and the result, a delcious chocolate dessert!

A bit of background on Ben: he’s has cooked with some of the world’s most famous chefs including Jamie Oliver at the exclusive Monte’s Club in London; he has a hugely successful TV career; has published six books; has a gorgeous wife and three cute kids; is just about to open a new restaurant Billy Kart Kitchen; and is a huge fan of FAIRY products, which {derh} is why he’s their ambassador!!!

In our masterclass today, Ben showed bM assistant, Lara and I how to make a ‘foolproof’ chocolate souffle:

Ben O’Donaghue’s Chocolate Soufflé


The base
500ml milk
2 vanilla pods
250g dark chocolate (at least 64% cocoa)
4-5 tablespoons of corn flour
5 egg yolks

For the moulds
100g grated chocolate (70% cocoa) and/or cocoa powder
Soft butter for buttering the moulds

The soufflé mix
600g of base
350g egg white
100g caster sugar
Pinch of salt 


The base: Simply heat the milk with the vanilla pod. Then when it has come to the boil whisk in the corn flour mixed with a little water, a little at a time to avoid any lumps don’t allow the mix to re boil. Remove from the heat. Add the chocolate and egg yolks. Place the chocolate into a large bowl and set aside to cool.

For the moulds: Firstly grease your moulds by brushing the base with soft butter. Then brush the side using upward brush strokes to help the soufflé raise, dust the moulds with grated chocolate and or cocoa. Then, place in the secret ingredient, a couple of raspberries.

The soufflé mix: Place the egg whites into a very clean mixing machine along with a pinch of salt and start to whisk at high speed gradually adding a little sugar at a time until the egg white starts to thicken to a point where it is smooth and when the whisk is lifted out supports its self self to a peak – this is called “stiff” peak. Do not over-whisk so that the egg whites become  broken, as this mix will not hold the air required to life the soufflé. Give the cooled chocolate base a whisk so that it is smooth and then add a little of the egg white and combine, so as to loosen the mixture. Then slowly fold in the remaining egg white gently.

To cook and serve: Now you have to fill the mould. Place some fresh raspberries at the bottom of the moulds. Using a palate knife, fill the mould with mixture starting at edges filling on a 45 degree angle to the middle, then fill the middle and finally flattening the top off nice and smooth, if you don’t fill them evenly they won’t rise evenly. There should be no over-spill as this will stick to the mould and stop the soufflé rising.

You can either cook them straight away or put them into the fridge for a few hours and cook them when you need them, just allow them to come to room temperature first. Cooking will take 14 minutes at 175 degrees C. Avoid opening the oven door and in particular banging the oven door while they are cooking as this also affect their ability to rise.

Serve with raspberries on the side.

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