{who’s custom-creating lipstick empire is growing}

The Lip Lab opened last November in Sydney after a year of planning by sisters and owners Kimberley {above, left} and Courtney {above, right} Treacy. It’s the first of it’s kind in Australia where you can help you choose, mix and create your perfect lipstick {or gloss}, and now, just after nine months, they already have a celebrity and cult following. They’ve just branched into Melbourne with a Beauty Edu pop-up at Eastlands, and plan  more ‘Lab’s around the country by the end of the year!  We asked them the bellaMUMMA questions, to find out little bit more about this dynamic-duo, here’s what they said:

You, in three words?
Courtney: Confident, driven, bubbly.
Kimberley: Funny, creative and a little bit of a nerd.

What inspires you?
Courtney: My daughters inspire me. I want to show them that being a woman is limitless. This generation is a lot different to previous ones. It’s possible to work hard, raise children, run a household and have time to feel and look good.
Kimberley: My mum and all she has accomplished in her career. It pushes me to do better.

What’s your work title?
Courtney: Co-owner of The Lip Lab.
Kimberley: Co-owner of The Lip Lab.

What was your first ever job?
Courtney: Administration assistant at a barristers chambers in the city.
Kimberley: Receptionist at my mums salon when I was younger.

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’?
Courtney: I wanted to be a fashion designer.
Kimberley: A veterinarian.

Explain your usual day?
Courtney: Very busy getting two little girls ready for school, then off to work for a more busy schedule!
Kimberley: A usual day for me generally revolves around two adorable little boys.. First thing in the morning I’m up nice and early at boot camp, then back home to get my day started and try get organised before the boys are up. Once they are ready to go we are always running around doing errands. We all like to end the day in my house with a big family snuggle on the couch and a movie.

What ‘makes your day’?
Courtney: Family time makes my day!
Kimberley: Smiles on my little boys faces.

Who’s your fashion icon?
Courtney: I love everything about Rihanna and the risks that she takes so I would say she is my style icon!
Kimberley: Way too many to list. Fashion is always changing and I admire so many different women and their styles. I’m loving Some of Kylie Jenners looks at the moment and another favourite at the moment would probably be an English fashion blogger, Sarah Ashford.


How would you describe your style?
Courtney: I don’t quite have a specific style. I think I’m pretty versatile when it comes to fashion. I love mixing it up a bit! Some days I will wear shorts a blazer and thigh high boots and some days I’ll be rocking jeans and chucks!
Kimberley: At the moment I’m loving a more relaxed causal style. Cropped jumpers, high-wasted jeans and a nice pair of white sneakers.

Three products you can’t live without?
Courtney: I can’t live without coconut oil, lip smoothie & my face moisturiser.
Kimberley: My face cleanser (gentle cleanser by O Cosmedics); Barrier repair by Priori; and Moroccan Oil for my hair.

4 fave songs on your iPod?
Courtney: Anything Eminem!
Kimberley: Never ever – All Saints (loving this oldie at the moment); Never be like you – Flume; No – Meaghan Trainor; and Work – Rihanna

Favourite fragrance:
Courtney: Chance by Chanel
Kimberley: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

What will you be doing 5 years time?
Courtney: I see myself having a successful chain of businesses, a great relationship with my family and travelling overseas whenever I can!
Kimberley: Travelling the world with my 3 boys, and maybe a little lady or another little boy if they decide to come along.


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