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guest life coach contributor: LYNDALL MITCHELL

Nikki Yazxhi

we can’t wait for her life-inspiring posts – we are so blessed to have her onboard

Lyndall Mitchell is an accredited coach, entrepreneur, speaker & author with over 20 years’ experience and expertise in the business and healthcare sectors. She is the Founder of the award-winning Aurora Spa Group and is a sought after commentator on business and wellness, recently featuring in the Australian Financial Review, the Today Show and the Sydney Morning Herald. Her Masterclass of Wellness, developed in 2015 with fellow coach Shannah Kennedy has toured Australia and given the opportunity for hundreds of executives to learn about wellness, mindfulness and stress reduction. Through her spas, coaching and speaking, Lyndall helps clients achieve their biggest, best and happiest lives.


Lyndall’s executive coaching is a natural extension of her life experience in business and wellness. She offers her clients a deep knowledge of all aspects of wellbeing as well as insights gained from leading a fast-growth retail and wholesale business. Lyndall privately coaches a limited number of clients including senior executives, business owners and teams.

“I help my clients to find balance in all parts of life and the motivation
to live their best lives.”

One of the fundamentals of Lyndall’s approach is self-care. Throughout her career, Lyndall has seen the benefits of bringing care and calm to everyday, regardless of the schedule.

“I’ve found a way to grow a highly successful business, nurture my family and precious personal relationships without ever compromising my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I’d like to help you do that too.”

Before starting the pioneering urban spa Aurora Spa Retreat in Melbourne, Lyndall held senior roles at the pioneering Australian health retreat, Camp Eden where she designed and delivered the optimum living program. Lyndall is married and has two beautiful daughters.

Lyndall is going to be sharing with bellaMUMMA how to:
* Identify and achieve goals
* Enhance career development
* Find new levels of motivation
* Optimise health and lifestyle
* Improve time management and productivity
* Increase self-esteem and confidence
* Manage stress and overcome anxiety

Stay tuned for these upcoming posts
+ in the meantime, you can follow her here:
instagram: instagram.com/lyndallmitchell
facebook: facebook.com/lyndallmitchellcoaching


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