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Nikki Yazxhi

before bed


to keep your skin super-smooth, so-so-soft and glowy

1. LESS IS MORE – washing your face twice a day is more than enough.
2. BE GENTLE – use a mild, creamy cleanser that maintains the normal pH balance of your skin and protects it from pollutants in the environment.
3. COVER ALL BASES – smooth your cleanser all over your face – including along the hairline and over eyebrows – otherwise dandruff and oiliness can develop.
4. DON’T SCRUB – if you do scrub your skin you can remove the cells before they’re ready – which can cause blood vessels to surface, protective oils to be stripped, and a reddening and chapping of the skin. To accelerate natural shredding process safely, apply a mild fruit-acid peel (look for alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid on the label) – or gently exfoliate every week using very smooth crystals or the velvet side of a washcloth.
5. BE COOL – rinse cleanser off with tepid – not blood-vessel-popping water hot – water. Finish with a rinse of cool- not freezing – water.
6. MOISTURISE WHEN MOIST – give your moisturiser some help by applying it soon after rinsing, while skin is still damp. If your skin feels dry soon after, you don’t necessarily need to change to a heavier moisturiser, which can clog pores. Many times, it’s simply a matter of applying more of a thin lotion or smoothing on a second layer once the moisturiser has been absorbed.
{Pic: Vogue}


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