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JUNE 11, 2016


Yahoo… Ad’s is flying home {as I type} from San Francisco, he’s been there for SF Design Week! It’s been a long ten night’s without him, I’ve {we’ve} missed him terribly, on SO many levels. {It’s the longest time we’ve been apart, ever, since we first met!}
To put a positive spin on us bein apart, I thought I’d be spending my time doing ‘girlie’ things, like watching chic flicks and doing beauty treatments every night, so not the case… 
I’ve been juggling {well, I wouldn’t say ‘juggling’ because that sounds positive}, more like ‘muddling’along.  {Single parents, I salute you big-time… you deserve medals; accolades; endless bottles of Red {or white wine or Gin}; insurmountable sleep-ins; endless foot massages – you name it, you so SO earn it.}
Okay, I’m not the best cook, I hate cooking, so the boys have said a few times, “Mum, isn’t this what you eat for breakfast?” at dinner. My repertoire ran out – Ad’s is the {amazing} cook in our family {we’re so spoilt}, so I improvised {eggs and mushrooms are good for them, yes? – so we’re good, right?}
Plus, I don’t sleep well when Ad’s is away, so being sleep deprived for most of the ten nights {those storms also didn’t help}, then boosted by too many coffees the next day, didn’t enhance the sitution. I’ve felt like I’ve been constantly running from one thing to the next the last week or so, and actually, my Fitbit concurs {I’m hitting my ‘step’ goals every day which I suppose is a positive}. It also didn’t help that the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer have all karked it at the same time! No time-saving devices on my side, at all – dammit!
Amd what’s with deadlines, school asssesments and projects all being due at the same time! #mental.
So as you can imagine we’re so SO happy Ad’s is back home tomorrow – the boys are BEYOND beside themselves {I’m so ‘BAD’ cop / do your homework / get off those screens’ at the moment}! And Jake has been going nuts every time he’s heard Ad’s voice on Skype, poor thing doesn’t have a clue what’s going on! He’s going to flip out, we all will! : )
Before I go, here’s a few pics Ad’s has messaged through while he’s been away – love San Fran so much…
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 36743,36745,36742,36751,36737,36736,36747,36746,36749,36744″ limit=”18″ target=”blank” width=”280″ height=”280″ title=”never”][/su_custom_gallery]
{Ad’s stayed at the Sir Francis Drake and loved it, stay tuned for more about his stay!}
Hope you and your family are well?
big love NY x


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