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beauty insider: 12 HAIR, SKIN & MAKE-UP TIPS {YOU MAY NOT KNOW!}

12 beauty tips you may not know!


here’s a few that may be new to you : )

1. CONCEALER TIP TO HIDE ZITS: Under eye concealer is too thick to camouflage a blemish; also, because it’s one shade lighter than your skin, it actually highlights the zit. Instead, dot the zit with a blemish cover-up (which should contain salicylic acid) or stick foundation that matches your skin exactly. Pat (don’t rub) the cover-up gently with a finger to soften it, and set it with powder.
2. MAKE YOUR BLOW-DRY LAST: Wash your scalp and hair and rinse thoroughly (until the water runs clear and the hair feels clean – not slippery). Only condition dry hair, and apply only a small amount. Heavy moisturisers will weigh down hair and attract particles that make it look dirty.
3. STYLING OVERLOAD: Creamy pomades, leave in conditioners, and shine serums can make hair look oily and dirty after a day or two. Use them sparingly, if at all. Styling lotions and volumising sprays are better for long-term blow-drys, but any products you apply should be distributed evenly over the head by combing it from the roots to the ends.
4. JUST ADD VOLUME: When hair is flat against the head, oil looks more obvious. Give hair enough volume to make it look fresh but not so much that it looks puffy. Concentrate the volume at the roots instead, and keep hair straight and a little disheveled looking.
5. BLOWDRY STAY: The less you play the longer your blow-dry will stay in place. After a day or two, some pieces will get out of whack. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase may help maintain hair. Tame strays with a straightening iron. At the gym, keep hair off you face and neck with a ponytail, and use a towel to blot perspiration around the hairline. Other than that – hands off.
6. LESS IS MORE: When it comes to colouring your hair remember a few blonde highlights placed here and there grow out less obviously than solid, single-process colour or a lot of thin streaks placed on a grid.
7. NAIL IT: Do you have trouble applying your nail polish? Rub hand cream or cuticle oil around the edge of each nail so any mistakes can be wiped away.
8. CLEANSER RULES: Smooth the cleanser all over your face – including along the hairline and over eyebrows. Otherwise dandruff and oiliness can develop.
9. BEAUTY HIGHLIGHTS: Make your own highlighter by mixing some shimmery white or gold eyeshadow with a tiny amount of oil-free moisturiser, then dab on the top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.
10. A GRAPE HAIR BRIGHTENER: To add subtle red tones to dark hair, apply a cup of Merlot wine to your hair after shampooing. Wrap wet hair with plastic, wait five minutes, then rinse.
11. BYE BYE BRASSY: Tone down brassy highlights by drenching freshly shampooed hair in whole milk or heavy cream for 10 minutes. The natural acids in milk and cram act to neutralize the colour.
12. CLEAN HAIR NUT: Banish product build up by adding a few tablespoons of peanut oil to wet hair before bed; sleep with a turban or shower cap and shampoo in the morning. Repeat weekly.
{Pic: Porter Magazine}


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