weekend hair:



this topknot twist works both day and night

Here’s the how-to-do deets:

step 1: This style will work best when your hair is second / third day dirty, if you want a neater topknot take brush and brush hair up into a ponytail – if you want a messier version, use your fingers to rake your hair into the high pony.

step 2: Next, wrap a band, the same colour as your hair, around the ponytail to secure in place on top of the head. {Don’t do it too tight, you don’t want a headache at the end of the day!}

step 3: Twist the ponytail around a few times and wrap it up into a bun. Once it’s ready, secure your topknot in place with a bobby pin {the same colour as your hair – looks better}. Leave the ends out and fan them messily around your topknot.

step 4: Using your fingers,  gently pull little pieces of hair on the topknot to loosen it up a little, and massage your hair to add a little texture.

step 5: If you’re a hairspray fan, you can add a fine {super fine} mist of spray if you like.

{Pic: Madewell instagram}