weekend hair:

weekend hair - 6 ponytail upgrades


here are six easy ways to effortlessly upgrade your ponytail to make it even more perfect for the weekend {and beyond}

1. The Exaggerated Elastic
Have a little fun with hair elastics and wrap them around your ponytail and secure at intervals of your choice, stopping just above the ends. In between each section, loosen the pieces to create an exaggerated, voluminous look.

2. The French Multi-Braid
For a more involved ponytail, throw a few braids into the mix. Section off hair with the tail of a fine-toothed comb and begin plaiting, securing each braid with a small elastic at the end. Then gather up the remaining hair and brush it back into a high ponytail.

3. The Half-Rolled
Want more of an updo arrangement? Try out a bun-ponytail hybrid. Start by smoothing your locks with a flat iron, focusing on any pieces you want to leave loose in the front. Then twist hair down your back, starting at the nape of the neck and working down to the ends. Finish the look by wrapping hair up and around the base of the ponytail and securing with a thin elastic. Don’t worry about loose ends sticking up—it only adds to the undone vibe.

4. The Wrapped Base
Try this chic way to conceal an elastic. Section off a small chunk of hair just below the base of your ponytail. Once it’s secured, wrap the remaining hair around the base, using pins as needed.

5. The Pull-Through
For an ultra-sleek look, prime damp hair with a small dollop of blow-dry prepping lotion. Once dry, put hair back in a ponytail and secure in the center of the head. Create a loop by pulling the ponytail halfway through the elastic so the ends of the hair stick out at the bottom à la Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2015 look.

6. The Cool Crimp
Put that old and dusty crimping iron to use, adding texture to small, sporadic sections of hair and immediately lending interest to an otherwise simple ponytail.

{Source: The Zoe Report}