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beauty insider: how to find the perfect LIPSTICK SHADE FOR YOUR AGE

how to find the perfect lipstick for you

THE RIGHT LIP COLOUR CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO WHOLE LOOK, your skin tone & it can even enhance other features, like your eyes…

We chatted to our friends at The Lip Lab asked their insider tips to help us all find the perfect lipstick shade for our age…

Here’s what you need-to-know:
If you’re in your 20’s: Use a shimmery lip gloss to get a pouty, sexy look. Your lips have a lot of natural definition, so this is the time to wear lighter colours like pale pinks, nudes, and beiges.
If you’re in your 30’s: This is when you first start noticing lines around the lips and a loss of definition. For a polished look, pair a shimmery lipstick with lip liner, applied after the lipstick.
If you’re in your 40’s: Natural colouring starts to fade at this point, so you want to add a bit more colour to lips. Look for creamy lipstick formulas in soft rose, nude, raisin, and putty. The trick to wearing neutrals is looking for shades that are a bit more intense than what you wore in your 20s.
If you’re in your 50’s: Since skin tone and natural lip pigment fades with age, go more vibrant in cheek colour (but keep it sheer) and brighter in lip colour.
+ The Lip Lab’s colour consultants can help you choose, mix and create the perfect lipstick {or gloss} for your skintone and age. For more about the process, watch the tour video below + CLICK HERE to have all your questions answered + visit www.theliplab.com.au to book your super-fun session

+ follow them socially here: facebook: @theliplab  | pinterest: @theliplab  |  instagram: @theliplab
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