christmas DIY:




by our amazing craft & DIY contributor, Jayde Leeder !

Jayde is the boss lady at Little Paper Lane a stationery and gift boutique in Sydney. She’s also the lover and fanatic of all things stationery, diy, and all things creative and crafty. We’re so wrapped that she’s created this DIY project especially for us/you, and we’re sure you’re going to be wrapped too!

Here we go…

What you will need:
what you need

* plastic baubles, you can find them in bargain and dollar stores or online. I found some HERE
* scissors
* gold cellophane (confetti made from colourful paper looks amazing too)
* glitter
* feathers
* string

What you do:

STEP ONE Cut your gold cellophane roughly into strips, I used a bowl because it’s a bit easier to contain.

STEP TWO Roughly chop the strips in the bowl into smaller pieces – you can be as neat or as messy as you like. I chose the messy road. The confetti should look all messy and small.

STEP THREE Split the plastic baubles in half, and sprinkle as much or as little glitter as you want into half of the bauble. I used two types of glitter, one fine and one a bit thicker.

STEP FOUR Give the bauble a little gentle shake to see that the glitter is coating the ball the way you like.

STEP FIVE Sprinkle your confetti into the bauble. The more the merrier.

STEP SIX Pop the other half of the bauble on, and make sure it’s secure. Give a nice shake and get the glitter covering the entire bauble. Depending on how much glitter you added in the beginning will give different coverage of glitter to the bauble.

If you prefer glitter covered feathers, repeat the first steps with glitter and instead of confetti add feather. When you shake the bauble once its closed the glitter will not only cover the bauble but dust the feathers.

tree baubles x3

STEP SEVEN {OPTIONAL} If you have some ribbon or fringing or pompom garland hanging round, or you want to add a little ‘extra’ to the bauble, add a little something on top to really make your bauble stand out.

STEP SEVEN ++ Cut a small piece of fringe or ribbon, enough to fit around the top of the bauble and using the double sided tape dispenser, run some tape over the top of the fringe. Stick the fringe around the top of the bauble and tie your string on top.

Voila, you’re finished!

glitter feather DIY


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