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glitter feather DIY


by our amazing craft & DIY contributor, Jayde Leeder – TOTALLY LOVING!

Jayde is the boss lady at Little Paper Lane a stationery and gift boutique in Sydney. She’s also the lover and fanatic of all things stationery, diy, and all things creative and crafty. We’re so wrapped that she’s created this DIY project especially for us/you, and we’re sure you’re going to be wrapped too!
Here we go…

What you will need:
WHAT YOU NEED - glitter feathers

* feathers
* gold paint or craft glue
* glitter in gold to match paint, fine and medium grain. But any glitter is fine
* paint brush
* jewellery wire
* scissors
* needle, not too thick.
* spare paper to paint on and sprinkle glitter on as well as drying feathers on

What you do:

STEP ONE Paint bottom half of feather with gold paint or craft glue on both sides. Be sure to pain down the feather so u are keeping it ‘smooth’.

STEP TWO Sprinkle fine glitter and medium glitter together on a flat sheet of paper

STEP THREE Slide feather with wet paint or glue over the glitter on both sides, making sure the glitter covers all the painted or glued areas. You can sprinkle glitter onto it if needed and gently tap excess glitter off.

STEP FOUR Lay feathers on a piece of paper or card. As long as the glitter is covering the painted or glued areas the feathers won’t stick to paper. Let them dry for an hour or so.

STEP FIVE Grab your jewellery {bead} wire, needle and scissors, cut about a 20cm length of wire and thread needle.

STEP SIX Pierce the feather with the needle and thread wire through so that the thread is half way through.

STEP SEVEN Wrap wire opposite ways around the feather end. Once you have enough wire wrapped around, twist the wire together to secure it. You could tie a little knot if you feel like you want it more secure.

STEP EIGHT Tie a little knot to make a little loop so you can hang your feather anywhere your heart feels it needs some glittery feathery love.

glitter feather on pressie

Stay tuned for our next Christmas decoration DIY + CLICK HERE to find out more about gorgeous Jayde