beauty insider: sneaky ways to make your HAIR LOOK LONGER

long hair


…is SO not what you think!

Yes, it’s get the proper haircut {cut, you read that correctly}…

Ask your stylist to cut blended layers — this will make your hair look more flowing, and in turn, longer, than if you have this wide-at-the-bottom, square, flat cut.

Also important: just getting your hair cut in general. While it may seem counterintuitive to cut your locks when you are trying get them to be longer, skipping those trims is actually causing your hair to shrink. Your hair gets to a point where it starts to split, and it can’t really cope with being longer.

If you let it continue to grow, that split will move up the hair shaft and you end up with broken and split hair much higher up the cuticle. Have you hair cut every six weeks {unless your hair is very short and healthy} or whenever your mane gets that dry, dusty effect at the ends.

By just trimming off as little as a quarter of an inch, you can actually give your hair more length by making sure that every half-inch coming out of your scalp is adding to your overall length, rather than splitting and shriveling up at the ends.

{Source: Refinery 29}

  • Alexandra

    So true! You need to trim those split ends!

    I ask my hairdresser to only snip off the split ends and not worry about keeping my layers and bottom even. I prefer to have length over neat lines and manage to keep the length while I am growing it out! Just a little tip