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ny diary: {OCT 19 – 25, 2015}

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crazy, busy days

I feel like it was a minute ago that I started the week make-up free, then the days, the week just whizzed by and I feel like I got nothing really done! {Does that ever happen to you!} Really felt like I was just chasing my tail so when I came to the weekend I resigned to the fact that it was the weekend, and that I should take advantage of that and stop and re-group for this coming week. When I say ‘stop’, it wasn’t really stopping, the boys had homework and assignments that needed a little help, and of course, there was washing to be done!
We dropped into two of our friends garage sales {#garagesaletrail} and scored some cute vintage ramakins: ‘mooched’ around some of fave shopping spots {Le Petit Marché in Newport}, and walked Jake the Wonder Dog to the beach. Also made some of the most delcious brownies with Mr 12, well I turned the oven on {Donna Hay, your Molten Chocolate Brownie Mix  ROCKS}…
Now it’s getting sorted for the new week, and Ive got a long list of things to do!
Hope you had a great weekend?
Stay tuned, same time, same place, for my snippets next weekend!
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