take our quiz to see what type of car suits your life & style

Trying to decide what kind of car to buy? Take this quiz to find out:
{Choose from a, b, c, or d – jot down your answers, then scroll down to find your perfect car!}

1. When buying a car what do you look at first?
a. Price
b. Luxury
c. Sportiness
d. Space

2. What appeals to you most when looking for a car?
a. Reliability and fuel efficiency
b. Prestiege and the look
c. It can go anywhere and is fuss-free
d. Space and functuality

3. How many people do you usually travel with?
a. 2-5
b. 1-3
c. 1-5
d. 3-7

4. How much cargo do you usually carry?
a. Generally not much, but you still need space.
b. Hardly anything
c. Varies from day-to-day – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot
d. Practically the whole house

5. What kind of cargo do you carry?
a. The day-to-day and groceries
b. Handbag and shopping
c. Kids toys and prams
d. Surfboards, bikes, kidstuff

What features do you look for in a car?
a. GPS and a great sound system
b. Sporty get-up and go
c. Rear-seat TV and video system
d. Space, seating and a huge boot


2015 Dylan & Ceara LA


MOSTLY A’S:You’re most-suited to a 5-Door Hatch 
You love the ease of a zippy city car but still need a little storage and the latest gadgets.
The top 3* recommended for you
– Audi A3; Mercedes-Benz A180; or BMW 1 Series

MOSTLY B’S: You’re most suited to a Sportscar
You love your car and the way it looks and feels – it’s all about the driving experience for you.
The top 3* recommended for you – Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG; Volkswagen Golf; or Audi S3 Sportsback

MOSTLY C’S: You’re most suited to a SUV
You like functuality and the latest features. You need a car that looks good but at the same time is no-fuss.
The top 3* recommended for you – Volkswagon Touereg; Range Rover Sport; or Land Rover Discovery 4

MOSTLY D’S: You’re most-suited to a Family Wagon
You need your space and realiabilty. It’s all about transporting your precious passengers in style and comfort.
The top 3* recommended for you –  Citreon Grand C4 Picasso; Honda Odyssey; or Kia Sorento

{* All these cars won Best Australian Car 2014 in their category!}

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