the very-inspiring, Mim from Potion By Mim

Mim’s potions are A-MAZING.. they’re a mixture of freshly cold-pressed juiced greens, fruits and vegetables, kefir tonics, power green smoothies, super-food magic and homemade organic activated nut milks, sourced from organic and market fresh produce. The idea behind the potions is to give your body and digestive engine a break, cleanse it, whilst feeding it loads of nutritional, delicious and healthy stuff. How it works: Mim delivers a different potion to your door each day, so you receive six freshly made juices to be drunk over the course of the day. Mim is currently only based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but watch this space, we don’t think it will be long before she expands BIG-time!

Until then, here’s a little more about Mim:

You, in three words? Creative. Energetic. Life-​l​over.

What inspires you? Travel. People. Moments.​​ ​Food. Family. Art. Culture. Colour.​ The Great Outdoors​.

What was your first ever job? Selling our chickens​’​ eggs to the neighbour​s​

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? ​I​ ​distinctly remember ​wanting to join the circus. ​​​The circus never came to pick me up, so I have brought circus into my life. Weekly I have a good lemon juggle.​


How did ‘potion by mim’ come about? I grew up in a household f​illed​ to the brim ​with ​nourishing food, and with the knowledge that food is our medicine. ​ ​​My parents ​instilled in us​ (5 kids) ​ the understanding that it is our responsibility to nourish and look after our health and our bodies. In 2013 I was working two jobs in order to afford renting an art studio that I consequently didn’t have the time to be in. To give myself energy, I started making myself superfood juices and smoothies. I would try out new recipes and share them with my family. Friend’s started to want them, and before I knew it, I was relishing in the joy of providing the first potions to eager locals. With a bit of guidance from a mentor, I sent one email out saying I was going to home-deliver juices the next week, and who wants some? I had a surprise order from a stranger who later told me she was a cleanse-fiend and that it was the most nourishing of any cleanse she’d done! From there, by word of mouth, Potion By Mim came to life. I quit working, closed the door of my art studio (for now) and jumped on the wave that Potion By Mim had begun to ride.

Explain your usual day? Right now, it’s a huge day! Until recently, ​I would be up at 4am to head out to the Sydney Growers Markets to get ​the fresh produce. However now that it is delivered to our kitchen​​,​ on an average day I am up at 5:30, train/workout/yoga for an hour and then into the kitchen. Prepping, washing, concocting, juicing, blending, making magic happen for the majority of the day. At 5pm, with my car packed with boxes full of goodness I head out to home-​d​eliver the juice cleanses. Home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. :)​


What ‘makes your day’? When the doors that I knock on open on day 2, 3, 4 of a cleanse and I meet the faces of my customers and talk to them about their experiences with the cleanse, and get face to face feedback. I LOVE that connection and the real transaction I have with my customers. And of course when I hear how much my juices are enjoyed by the whole family. ​Knowing I am sharing pure goodness, that really makes my day! That, and when ​​​I ​make a juice, and the ​natural ​colour​s​ of the produce ​are​ electrifyingly brigh​t, which makes me go Instagram crazy and my iPhone tell ​me ​’no more room for photos’. ​The little moments of excitement I have with my creations make my day!

And I LOVE when at​ I have my weekly stall at​ the Beaches Farmers Market, a green smoothie virgin takes their first green sip and says.. ‘mmm that is actually really good’. ​​Sharing my love of ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’.​

Three things you can’t live without?
1. Passport.
2. My box of paints​ + ​pencils.
3. Avocados/Raw Chocolate/Mango​e​s/Blueberries/Summer fruit. Food… Let’s ​just ​say Food in general.

4 fave songs on your iPod?
‘Crazy’ -Gnarls Barkley.
‘Valerie’ – Amy Winehouse.
‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ – Otis Redding. ​
A​nd I’ve been loving ‘Purple Rain’ – Prince.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Sharing more and exciting products, services and experiences of healthy goodness all stemming from Potion By Mim. My work will take me traveling locally, nationally and internationally. Potion By Mim will be a platform for new opportunities and growth! I have SO many ideas! It’s very exciting! ​It’s too exciting!​

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