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Here’s how to do the later, here’s your anti ageing makeup moves:

* Firstly, always remember… less is more! Pack on the makeup and you’re adding years!

* Radiant skin is youthful skin so use a luminising primer and stick to liquid or cream foundation – and set with powder only where you are oily.

* Use concealer to not only to conceal redness but to also to highlight. Brush or pat it under your eyes, blending it down so it fans out into the middle of your face.

* Spend time on your eyes as they are the first area to show your age. A touch of glowing shadow on the centre of your lid and inner corner will instantly brighten your eyes. To give your eyes a lift, line the top lash line with a brown pencil or shadow and highlight your brow bone, which adds a beautiful halo around the eye.

* Always define your brows with a pencil in a tone slightly lighter than your hair colour.

* Max out your lashes with a few individual false lashes to create a youthful and wide-eyed look. Thickening mascara can weigh down thin lashes and cause clumps so look for one that separates and curls.

* Cream blush adds an instant glow. Apply it with a foundation brush so you can control where it goes. If you have oily skin or large pores use a powder instead.

* Lip liner can work miracles. As you age, the sides of your top lip lose fullness so use a neutral lip pencil to softly round the outer corners of the lips and soften the Cupid’s bow. A satin-finish lipstick will add moisture and give good coverage – anything that’s rosy or beigey is most flattering.

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  • I love all of these tips. I’m still pretty terrible at blending concealer under the eyes though, so definitely need to work on that!