the make-over project:

your complete laundry make-over guide


which is what prompted this post {note to self} and inspired this amazing giveaway from our friends at Howards Storage World {scroll down for details}

Okay, to get your {my} laundry back to an organised/ ‘leave the door open’ room in the house, {as opposed to ‘quick shut the door, it’s so messy in there’}, I’ve compiled tips, tricks, searched out some amazing must-have products + organised an amazing giveaway that will make-over even the-most disorganised laundry…
I hope these help, and if you have any tips of your own, do share! NY x

my top 10 ‘organising your laundry’ tips

1. Set up a central three-bin/bag sorter in your laundry, one for whites, coloureds and delicates/hand-washables.  Everyone in the family should be able to separate lights and darks.

2. Keep dry cleaning away from the laundry to avoid confusion {and clutter}. A bag with handles, kept in the closet, works well.

3. Keep everything you need near the washing machine, on a shelf preferably at eye level. If you don’t have room, try a rolling caddie that slides between the washer and dryer.

4. Decant powders into boxes with lids – the wide openings are perfect for easy access and you can instantly see how much is left.

5. Arrange products from left to right in the order you use them. For example, start with stain removers, then follow with bleaches and detergent, then fabric softener, and lastly spray-on starch and distilled water for ironing. Be sure to keep bleach and ammonia away from each other; when mixed, they can produce toxic fumes.

6. Boxes or baskets on the shelf make grouped bottled items more accessible and less likely to topple over and leak. For example, keep stain removers, both commercial and homemade, in one box.

7. Keep a drying rack handy in the laundry for drip-dry items.

8. Attach an ironing-board hanger to the wall so the board and iron are secure and out of the way but easily accessible.

9. Install a rod in the laundry room on which to hang clothes as you iron; or install a hook over the top of a door to serve the same purpose.

10. Keep clothes hangers and mesh bags for delicates with your cleaning supplies or in a nearby cabinet.

my four fave laundry must-haves

From top {clockwise}: 1. Laundry hampers, from $39.95 – CLICK HERE to shop; 2. Three Divider Laundry Cart Large, $155.00 – CLICK HERE to shop; 3. Laundry/Soaking Powder Set – White $44.95 – CLICK HERE to shop; 4. Ultra Hiphold Laundry Basket White, $38.95 – CLICK HERE to shop

the need-to-know-info {print this out!}
The-Laundry-Room copy

the insider/expert advice

the ulitmate laundry MAKE-OVER PROJECT  giveaway

We have 1 x Neata Laundry Solution In White {pictured left – value $854.00 – click here for all the prize details}
+ 6 x Howards Flex Tub Oval 25L {value $15.95 each} up for grabs. {Installation is not included in the prize.}

This Custom Laundry Solution, from Howards Storage World, has been designed to create a versatile and durable work space within your laundry.

It includes a large bench area for sorting and folding, plenty of ventilated shelves and even a space for the washing machine. This is one giveaway you’ll want to win for an organised well functioning laundry space!


Leave a COMMENT below {in the comment box} telling us why you ‘need, must, absolutely-have-to’ WIN this laundry solution + ATTACH a pic of your laundry {don’t bother tidying it up}! {We’d also love to see the winner’s laundry – and share the pix on the blog – once it’s all installed and organised!}

{This post was done in collaboration with our friends at Howards Storage World
CLICK HERE for more of their amazing Laundry – and rest of the house – Organisation Solutions.}




  • Anita Black

    Our laundry has NO organisation, it is a eye sore and I would love storage areas!

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    Take a peek at my laundry if you dare….
    Believe me it’s bound to scare
    There’s the top loader there that’s given up the fight…
    And the front loader that doesn’t spin quite right
    There’s not a basket or a hook or a shelf to be seen…
    Which makes for a room that is never clean.
    I am sitting here drooling at the custom laundry solution right now…
    It could change my life I’ll tell you how.
    With 5 daughters and 1 hubby to wash for…
    There’s hours of washing each week and it’s such a chore.
    But with a storage system like this…
    OMG dare I say that doing the laundry would be bliss!!!

  • Lee King

    The picture attached was taken when my laundry was the best it’s been for a long time! It definitely needs a makeover to add storage and pizazz!

  • Ineedacoffee

    my one and only shelf in my laundry is about to snap and finish its slow painful death

  • Lauren E.

    Could it get much worse than this? I dont even have an area to fold or store detergent. Its a hassle, especially in the past year.

  • Bec D’owney

    Ok it may look neat, but it’s only because I tidied for my mum’s visit the other day! Usually it’s the scene of the GRIME. Piles of washing everywhere, all crumpled… what’s clean, what’s dirty, I can’t motivate myself as it’s all YAWNdry. A storage system would give me the SHELF confidence to make things all WHITE again!

  • Erin

    No storage shelves that are toddler/baby proof for chemicals/detergent etc make this room one big, unsafe mess! No matter how hard I try to maintain order, chaos always wins. I would absolutely love shelving space and folding table/bench to bring order to the chaos and to make our laundry a safer place right off our kitchen.

  • Rebecca

    My laundry is a disaster at the moment. We have a new puppy who has to be put in here when we go out (our garden is not yet puppy proofed). Everything has to be lifted off the floor or barricaded so he can’t chew everything! To have a neat storage system would be AMAZING, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Nicole Kent

    Cat litter, recycling and dirty clothes galore
    Nowhere to fold things, nowhere to store
    Need this laundry solution to inspire me
    To be clean and organised with my own laundry!

  • Nicole Kent

    Cat litter, recycling and dirty clothes galore
    Nowhere to fold things, nowhere to store
    Need this laundry solution to inspire me
    To be clean and organised with my laundry!

  • Belinda

    I need my laundry to look like your tips! After all, cleanliness is next to godliness. xx

  • cath

    We are building a new home and how awesome are these,im afraid our laundry has been neglected on the plans,so to have a custom laundry would just make my day that little bit better everything in place and no household clutter.

  • Jackie Novak

    I need major help to make my laundry good.

  • Emma

    We just bought a new house which we are yet to move into…..see that little blue dividing wall at the far end? Yep, that’s our Laundry. There’s a laundry tub behind it, in a tiny space (around 1m square) that will NEVER fit our Washer. With 7 people in our family, it’s going to need a serious makeover to make it functional, and a Howard’s Storage World system will certainly help!

  • Ashley Bender

    My laundry is tiny! No shelving or storage, and I need a step ladder just to reach the laundry liquid which is on top of the dryer! Please help me transform this space into an accessible and functional laundry.

  • jayla1987

    I lack storage solutions as you can see I use my window sill as a shelf

  • Luke D’Ambrogio

    I’m desparate.