mid-week diy:

diy: gold leaf dot print


it’s quite easy to make and looks great on a bookshelf, wall or would
make a great present.
by our amazing craft & DIY contributor, Jayde Leeder !

what you need:
. gold leaf {about 3 sheets}
. gold size
. a paint brush
. two pieces of card stock {1 needs to be the size of the frame – the other to make your gold dot}
. a bowl the size of the gold dot you want, or you can be wild and use a compass
. a pencil
. scissors
. tweezers
. double-sided tape, or glue stick
. photo frame

what you do:
1. Using your bowl, or compass, draw a circle to the size of dot you want.

2. Paint the gold size within the circle. Be sure to paint as close along your circle line. Read the gold size instructions to find out how long it needs to be left before adding gold leaf. The product I used was about a 10 minute wait, until the gold size turned from a creamy colour to clearer gold.

3. Take your gold leaf and tweezers and gently pull apart strips of the leaf and place on your circle {shown below}.

diy: gold leaf dot print - what you do

4. Gently place and pat the gold leaf on all areas of the circle with your finger {shown above}. The gold leaf is extremely delicate and it doesn’t need to be neat but you need to be gentle and be sure to not be near a window or door where it;s drafty. The gold leaf will only stick to the areas that have had the gold size on it. Once the entire area is covered, use your finger to brush away excess golf leaf. You can use these loose bit to fill in tiny little gaps. Depending on the gold size you used, there are varying hours you need to let the gold leaf settle.

5. Cut out your circle, carefully following the line.

6. Work out exactly where you want it on your card stock, apply your double-sided tape or glue to the back of your gold dot and stick it down . {Remember to make sure the card stock fits the frame you have chosen.} I chose to place the gold dot in the centre.

7. Place your print in your perfect frame or leave out of frame for a more raw look.


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