happy holidays & HAPPY HYDRATION



H2O, that is!

Why? You’re partying, drinking bubbly to celebrate the season… then drinking coffee the next day to keep you awake + you’re out of your routine and out of your ‘drinking water habit’ + it’s summer and you’re sweating a little bit more… which, hello, all lead to dehydration.

Something else you may not know either… once you hit the point of being thirsty, you’re already dehydrated? Yes, our bodies are 2/3 water, so once you’re dehydrated, the amount of water in the body has already dropped below what’s needed for normal body function. Good to know, plus here are some other signs that tell you it’s time to re-hydrate:

* You Feel Tired If you ever feel like you have ‘foggy brain’ or feel tired throughout your day, try filling up on water before you reach for a caffeinated beverage (or fall asleep at your desk!) and see how you feel. Drinking warm water can also wake up your digestive track and liver so don’t forget to include some H2O in your morning routine as well.

* Your Skin Is Dry You’d be surprised at how many people have dry skin and don’t attribute it to how much water they are consuming. Water is needed to help promote skin circulation at its base so that skin repair doesn’t decrease. Rather than lathering on the lotion, increase your water intake and see if your dry skin condition improves.

* Your Eyes Look Sunken In If your eyes don’t appear bright and have a sunken-in, dull appearance (this could also be accompanied by dark circles around your eyes), then you are most likely dehydrated (and possibly tired, too). Our eyes need to stay lubricated and water is essential for tear production and keeping the glands moist. Up your water consumption to see immediate results.

* You’re Having Trouble ‘Going’ Without going into too much detail, water helps to keep the intestines lubricated and can prevent chronic constipation. It only makes sense that you’d have difficulty with your bowel movements if you’re not staying hydrated. Keep things moving by getting your recommended amount of water.

* You Have a Headache or Are Dizzy If you’re working out (or not doing much of anything at all) and have a sudden rush of dizziness, it’s a red flag to sip some water immediately.
OKAY SO NOW YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO KEEP HYDRATED BUT, what if you’re like us, and there’s only so much water you can drink. Enter one of our fave new drinks OVI Hydration. In fact, everyone we ask, who has tried it, {our friends and family} they love it too. {It’s seriously so delicious and SO easy to drink!}


OVI Hydration has been created with a balance of water, natural minerals, sugar, fruit juice and natural flavours with antioxidants from green tea.

It comes in the three flavours; Citrus, Peach and Berry which contain absolutely ‘no badditives’, (being free from any artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives and flavours) – and they’re delicious. You pretty much finish a bottle before you know it! {FYI: the sugar in OVI hydration is not there by accident – they’ve purposefully included a precise amount to help with your body’s hydration process. And don’t worry, it’s not too sweet, containing just 4.2g sugar per 100ml. To see how OVI rates amongst other drinks click here}

You can also connect with OVI Hydration and find out more about them, by visiting:
facebook: facebook.com/OVIHydrationAustralia
instagram: instagram.com/ovihydration

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OVI Hydration is NOW available in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia.

{This post was done in collaboration with OVI Hydration}