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One feature that makes all the difference to your face, that can make you glow and make you look younger. Do you know what it is? It’s your teeth.

Think about it, it’s totally true… white, pearly teeth make all the difference to your face!
So, to get your teeth the very-best they can be, we’ve teamed up with the teeth whitening experts from Colgate Optic White to bring you tips and tricks {and a giveaway} so you can brighten up your smile…

try-it: STYLE YOUR SMILE | bellamumma


1. Go for a blue hue: There’s a whole host of new lipstick shades to try this season, but there are some colours that will make your teeth look whiter than others. Orange lipstick is the worst hue for making teeth look yellow. A true true red or even better, a hot pink with bluey tones will make teeth look brighter and whiter.

2. Always use a whitening toothpaste:These can work on 90% of stains, taking teeth back to their natural whiteness. They are also gentle enough for everyday use, so you don’t need to worry about any long-term damage to your enamel. Unlike other daily use toothpastes on the market, enamel-safe Colgate Optic White contains the whitening ingredient dentists use* to deliver three shades whiter teeth†. Colgate Optic White is available nationally in leading supermarkets and pharmacies. WANT MORE INFO? Click through to www.colgateopticwhite.com.au

3. Don’t skip your flossing: As well as the extra-clean feeling that comes with using dental floss, making sure every corner of your mouth is clean will help to brighten the appearance of your teeth. And that’s before you’ve touched any whitening products.

4. Whiten teeth at home: Teeth can become stained over time, from eating, smoking and drinking red wine, so if you want a sparkling smile, try Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen.
While brushing your teeth, Colgate Optic White’s specially designed toothbrush with polishing bristles and stain removers help remove surface stains. Next, you apply the whitening pen’s special gel to each tooth, no waiting, no rinsing. The whitening pen contains the whitening ingredient dentists use, in a lower strength formula for regular use. Then you simply store the pen inside the brush for next time. CLICK HERE for more details

5. Drink less caffeine: Tea and coffee stain the teeth over time, dulling your smile. Whitening toothpaste and an at-home whitening kit can help to reduce stains, but cutting your caffeine intake for good will stop further staining.

6. Chew sugar-free gum on the go: There’s an ingredient in sugar-free gum which helps to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of acidic foods. It makes sense that healthy enamel is far whiter than eroded enamel.


try-it: STYLE YOUR SMILE | bellamumma

We’ve been trying Colgate Optic White and it’s had some pretty amazing results. It’s very gentle and very natural. Over the first week, you notice a subtle difference, but by the end of week two, you notice a real difference. It’s not ‘newsreader, fluro, scary white’, it’s a natural, whiter and brighter look.

how you can get involved: THE SMILE STYLING SESSIONS

Style Your Smile - Beauty Pack (product only)

Colgate Optic White are holding exclusive smile styling sessions across 108 selected Woolworths stores, where ‘Smylists’ at bespoke Colgate Optic White beauty counters will be offering free makeovers.

‘Smylists’ will be at stores from Thursday to Sunday, for 4 hours each day until November 9. CLICK HERE for all the details or call the Customer Information Service on 1800 802 307.


nikki selfie

+ Colgate Optic White is running a #OpticWhiteSmile competition
on their Facebook page where you could win the ultimate Style Your Smile beauty pack valued at RRP$145.

It includes everything you need for a whiter brighter smile and a glowy face {see above}.

To enter, take a selfie showing your Optic White smile {like mine, right, Nashville filter alert!} and then upload your photo including the hashtag #OpticWhiteSmile to the Optic White Australia Facebook page

Colgate Optic White



FOR MORE DETAILS on Colgate Optic White

visit www.colgateopticwhite.com.au
+ you can connect with them HERE
facebook: facebook.com/ColgateOpticWhiteAU
twitter: twitter.com/OpticWhite




{This post is in collaboration with Colgate Optic White. *Gentle, lower strength hydrogen peroxide (1%) formula for everyday use. †After 4 weeks’ use. Individual results may vary.}

{Pics: Helen Coetzee / Hair & make-up: Jess Berg}


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