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bM chats to: LINDY KLIM

Nikki Yazxhi



She’s a Balinese Princess, business woman, former catwalk model, fashion designer, wife of Olympian Michael Klim, a mother of three + she’s gorgeous and really REALLY down-to-earth!

We chatted to Lindy about Milk & Co, her kids, her beauty routine and Bali {and yes, she inspired us even more}:

What’s your definition of a beautiful spirit? Children… They are so innocent and free, I love watching my children run around together with not a care in the world.

What’s your beauty philosophy? Natural where possible… Being kind to your body and what you put in it is the key for me.

What are your beauty essentials? I can’t live without the Milk & Co Beauty Wipes and also Rose Hip Oil.

How do you give yourself a beauty boost? Beauty works from the inside out! I start a beauty boost by eating more clean food and overload on antioxidant rich foods, plus drinking lots of water. With my skin I like to keep it clean and fresh all the time, then once a week I will use the Milk & Co Rejuvenating Mask, which is a mud mask and helps to draw out any impurities and give my skin a fresh start!

What’s your beauty routine? To be honest it is very simple. For my face I remove any make up and product with the Beauty Wipes, then I cleanse with Milk & Co Face Cleanser, pat on some Rose Hip Oil and then apply the Milk & Co Dry Touch Sunscreen. As mentioned before I use the Rejuvenating Mask once a week. In the shower on my body I use the Milk & Co Body Scrub and then apply the Body Oil for extra nourishment, followed once again by the Dry Touch Sunscreen.

What’s your beauty inspiration? My island life… carefree and natural.

What’s your beauty creative outlet? I’m lucky in that I get to live the best of both worlds, my Bali life allows me to get around with the bare minimums in beauty and keep things very natural, but then back in Australia when I attend more social events I get to glam up a bit. I still keep the look simple and opt for a smokey eye and nude lip, but it makes the impact!

How did Milk & Co start? My husband and I started with the men’s range first which then led to the Milk Baby range after us having our first child. We started the brand simply because we couldn’t find a skincare brand that was directed towards people like us. Mike had also developed a keen interest in men’s skincare after searching for products that would be suitable for him to treat his skin after hours in the chlorine and sun, so this helped us make the decision to start with men’s products.

What’s your Milk & Co philosophy? Clean and simple. From our product formulations and packaging to the brand image – clean and simple!

What have you learnt since starting Milk & Co? Everything! Mike and I had very little experience in running a business. We definitely learnt on the job and made lots of mistakes along the way, but you live and learn and we have been lucky that our mistakes have helped us develop and grow.

How do you juggle being a mum and Milk & Co? Just like any other parent… Life is a constant juggle but that’s the way I like it, I get bored easily so this lifestyle suits me just fine. I will always be riddled by guilt for being busy with work, but that’s part and parcel of being a parent!

What are your favourite Milk & Co products? Where do I begin?!? Definitely the Beauty Wipes, Snotty Grotty for the kids, and our sunscreen {Dry Touch} is amazing! I also love our Toothy Pegs toothpaste for children.. It’s organic so kids can eat as much of it as they like!

Is there one Milk & Co product/range that you’re especially proud of and why? It was always the Milk Baby range, but now that I have developed the Women’s products I think this is a range I am most proud of. I feel like I have managed to fill a gap in quality natural products that is also easily assessable to every woman.

For more info, visit www.lindyklim.com
+ you can connect with her here:
facebook: facebook.com/MilkandCoAUS
twitter: twitter.com/LindyKlim
instagram: instagram.com/lindyklim


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