bM chats to: NEIL CLEMINSON from bhave HAIR

WE RECENTLY CHATTED TO NEIL CLEMINSON, CO-FOUNDER OF BHAVE… {one of our most-fave haircare brands}

… to find out more about the brand and get the insider-goss on how to transform winter-dull hair!

+ Nikki tried out the most amazing hair rescue treatment, and the results, wowsa – take a peek:

How did bhave start? bhave began with two friends {my wife, Sheryl and her friend, Michelle} who had the most difficult to manage, Mediterranean big hair and had always struggled to maintain a decent hairstyle. Humidity, rain, exercise etc. were not their friends! They struggled to find products that actually delivered on promise.

As a stylist who has been in the business for over 22 years and having worked locally and internationally with some of the top stylists in the industry, I set about creating/formulating a product range that would solve every woman’s hair care woe.

Along with the other bhave Professional Hair Care brand founders Sheryl, Michelle and Michelle’s husband, Graham, we test every product on ourselves over and over again until we are wowed! {The only animals our products are tested on are us!}. I also test and trial the products on my clients to see how they perform in everyday conditions across a variety of hair types.

What is bhave’s philosophy? Sheryl and Michelle are just like every other woman in the world – they get you! They understand how much of a positive impact amazing hair has on our confidence and how misbehaving hair can bring your mood down on so many levels. We also realise that people are trying to live as healthy as possible without compromising their lifestyle. At bhave we maintain this ideal and have made our products as healthy as possible but without compromising on performance. That is why ethical hair health is at the forefront of every product that we create/develop for the bhave range.

We carefully select ingredients that will improve the health of your hair; we will never compromise on fad products that will destroy your hair in the long run. When your hair is healthy, styling is easy, your colour lasts longer, it feels better, grows faster, is more manageable and stronger and is more resistant to damage and less prone to frizz or flyaway’s.

How is bhave different to other haircare collections? bhave is the only Australian hair care brand that incorporates active functional ingredients into its hair care collection that work to literally repair and restore even the most damaged hair, improving its condition and maintaining that condition. The range is Australian owned and importantly, free of parabens and sulphates and is not tested on animals.

What have you learnt since starting bhave? Stay true to your morals and brand values. The importance of good customer service and products that deliver beyond expectation. To always remain approachable and open to feedback. Have fun and enjoy the journey! If you’re passionate about your product, it comes through on all levels.

What are your favourite bhave products? One of our signature lines is bhave rescue. This in-salon treatment will help reverse extremely damaged hair without having to resort to drastic cutting. We have seen cases of hair that has been so damaged by chemicals be completely transformed with regular use into beautiful healthy, shiny hair. It is also very affordable at between $35 – $50 per treatment. There is also the complementary take home Rescue shampoo and conditioner so you can continue the repair and restoration of your hair at home.

{Here’s my hair before and after the amazing bhave rescue in-salon treatment… these pix pretty much say it all! My ‘chemically-challenged hair was tranformed into shiny, soft, sleek locks!}


What’s your best haircare advice for winter? Winter is a great time to have a smoothing treatment. Your hair will be easier to manage with far less time and effort, will remain frizz free during damp weather and have you reaching for the irons far less. This combined with the bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque will give your hair a well-earned break from the abuse it suffers during the summer months Think of it as R&R for your hair.

Is there one bhave product that you’re especially proud of and why? It may sound cliché to say that we as a team are proud of every product in the bhave range as we spend so much time creating each product. However, it was amazing to receive the acknowledgement and award for the bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque – winner of Best Hair Treatment 2013 in Nature & Health magazine. By the time summer comes round the condition of your hair will be in terrific shape and ready to face another five months of abuse by sun, sea and styling.

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