layering all the right things and even some wrong things that that end up looking so right—and piling on oversized pieces – all while looking super stylish. From luxe jersey to double-faced wool, there is a lot of black and grey but it’s being energised with seasonal bursts of colour.

Your winter wardrobe ‘palette’ will be reflecting what’s on your winter seasonal food ‘palate’! You’ll not only be eating eggplant, broccoli and beetroot, their deep opulent shades will be transcending across your Autumn and Winter wardrobe trends for both day and night.

We’ve teamed up with SumoSalad to give you an insight into your seasonal style palette {and your seasonal plate} for Autumn/Winter. Your tasty shades should include :


Your ‘greens’ are a winter-wardrobe {and winter diet} staple this season. Deep green semi-fitted coats, ruffled shirts and flat boots, teamed back with black and pieced together with contrasting yellow {corn}, orange {butternut pumpkin} and pink {beetroot} accessories are a trend that will guarantee you look – and feel – ‘hot’ when the weather gets cold! And don’t forget your hair. Take a cue from Katie Perry and update your locks with a rinse of gorgeous green!


Broccoli Broccoli increases the estrogen in women that fights against breast cancer, and for men it can help protect against prostate cancer. We can’t think of a better reason to eat it regularly!

Celery Everybody knows celery is a great snack if you’re watching your waistline – which can be hard to control in winter. However along with assisting in weight management, the minerals found in celery can also help soothe the nervous system, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Leeks Leeks are a rich source of Vitamin A, which is great for eyesight as well as helping to boost your immune system and developing healthy blood cells.

Spinach It only takes one bowl of cooked or raw spinach every day to increase muscle efficiency, which can be a savior during those cold winter workouts. No wonder Popeye couldn’t get enough! To muscle up, choose SumoSalad’s baby spinach or mixed leave option as a your salad base.

Cucumber Along with the flu, winter months can bring on sore joints. Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is known to help promote joint health by strengthening the connective tissues.


Brilliant tones of fresh beetroot are showing up in Autumn Winter collections across the globe, adding a pop of colour to a normally neutral winter moodboard. Beautifully bright evening dresses are taking over from the LBD – and bright pink earrings, bags and strappy heels are perfect standbys if you’re still dedicated to a classic colourway. A coat of shiny polish or a slick of lipstick in this beauty-full bursting shade will embelish any look!
And keep your eye open for slinky maxi dresses, second-skin finishes and smooth textures, in tones of shiny eggplant, will be a ruling this season when matched with cozy layers of grey soft felt and fine wool. While make-up staple looks are being updated with the dark eggplant and purple eyeshadow taking over the black/grey smokey eye look. Teamed with the new nude lip, this is the perfect make-up to compliment your winter wardrobe.


Beetroot Beetroot can help you train better, thanks to its ability to increase stamina and reduced blood pressure. Make it a juice and add garlic to help get you motivated for those early morning winter workouts.

Eggplant Apart from assisting iron, calcium levels and controlling diabetes, eggplants have also been linked to boosting general mental health. It helps defend against free radicals, which can affect the body in all sorts of negative ways. This brain food helps you think clearly and can even reduce stress.

Purple Cabbage An exceptional source of fibre, which helps keep your digestive system healthy throughout the cooler months. Cook it or eat it raw – just make sure you are eating it!


These shades aren’t just your basics this season, they’re also packing a punch and work back perfectly with the entire Autumn Winter seasonal palette. The pieces will also become classic staples in your wardrobe, pretty much like the foods in your diet.


Brown Onions More than a kitchen staple, onions are a world-class superfood! Among other health benefits, onions can help relieve constipation and flatulence. The anti-bacterial properties can also help to relieve the burning sensation in urinary tract infections.

Potatoes Potatoes aren’t just a great comfort carb during winter. As a good source of vitamin c, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese, they can help increase brain function.

Cauliflower An important source of dietary fibre for digestive health. Cauliflower comes in handy during winter when our bodies tend to crave more food in order to stay warm.


Okay, so this palette really gives your wardrobe a power boost, {and food-wise, your body a huge vitamin boost}. These colours are strong and bold and look amazing in key pieces, teamed together or back with black.


Sweet Potato High in Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene, which gets converted into Vitamin A in the body. This means sweet potatoes aren’t just good for your immune system and general health, but also good for your vision.

Pumpkin Known for immune-boosting powers, pumpkins will keep your health up when flu season kicks in. And don’t forget to use the seeds; they have been linked to helping prevent cancer. So, if the sniffles sneak up on you at work, opt for SumoSalad’s Classic Pumpkin soup for lunch.

Carrots Rich in Vitamin A, fibre and antioxidants, means that carrots are good for your guts and your immune system. Not to mention a great way to help ward off that common winter cold. Carrots taste great with most ingredients, so you can add it to any salad of your choice or design at SumoSalad.

Corn Commonly associated with being high in carbohydrates, corn is a vegetable often avoided by those wanting to lose or maintain weight. However, being high in fiber, means that it actually plays a role in the prevention of digestive issues like constipation, hemorrhoids and even colorectal cancer.

Red Capsicum With common colds always going around the office in winter, you need to have a bulletproof immune system. Capsicum is rich in Vitamin C, which stimulates the white cells to best fight infection. A great addition to salads for winter, try the roasted red capsicums in the SumoSalad Chargrilled Chicken salad.

All these vegetables are included in a range of salads, soups, wraps, deli options and Sumo Bowls at SumoSalad stores Australia wide.

You need to! SumoSalad is going to change your world, one season, one salad at a time!
And SumoSalad doesn’t think of salad as a mere side. It’s a meal. And, they not only offer a huge range of amazingly delicious gourmet salads, but you can chow down on delicious wraps, rolls, toasties, pasta, soup, fruit salad and yoghurt, coffee and loads of fantastic extra tasty items.+ if you don’t like the menu, then you can design your own! SumoSalad products are sourced daily from Aussie farmers to bring you the freshest ingredients ever – and there are never any unnecessary fats, nasty artificial colours, flavours or genetically modified products so that you know you’re getting the best products!

We especially love that you can get a salad, whatever salad you fancy, with all the ingredients {you may not always pick up in your weekly groceries} and it will be so good for you, so convenient, so fresh – and the most important, SO delicious!


{This post was sponsored by SumoSalad BUT as you’ve probably gathered, bellaMUMMA is a huge fan of their philosophy and their food!}

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