stressed, yes?… but HOW stressed are you REALLY?



it’s just part of our fast paced lives! But how stressed are we really – and if it’s part of our life, how do we deal with it and help keep it under control?

On the way to school drop-off this morning, three mums mentioned {without me asking} that they were stressed. Actually, I didn’t have to ask them, I could see it!

I can totally relate. Some mornings just getting out of the house can push you into super-stressed-mode, then it just snowballs from there!

Our lifestyles put so much pressure on ourselves, we put so much pressure on ourselves,
something has to give!

Blackmores has reconognised this too, which is how No Need To Stress came about!

“With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s not surprising that so many Australians suffer from stress. Stress affects most people in some way and it is important to recognise that ongoing stress, left unchecked, can contribute to a range of health issues. Stress can negatively impact the digestive system, sleep and energy levels,” says Pam Stone, Blackmores Director of Education.

“Stress can affect people in different ways and it is important to know that there are also different things you can do to help prevent and manage its symptoms – to start to take control. Whatever it is you find stressful, Blackmores can help.”

The key is – assess your stress, then address your stress!
The first step to assessing just how stressed you are is to complete a quiz, which you can do by
{you also have the chance to WIN $10,000 to help you de-stress!}

Here are my results below:

… then you can take advantage of Blackmores No Need To Stress services, which include:

* a FREE Naturopathic Advisory Service which provides three easy ways to get advice: via phone
{1800 803 760}, online chat or a detailed email response to your query via

* FREE interactive tools, information and health-specific communities designed to inform, inspire and educate you to better health and balance

+ they have specific products to help you find your balance, manage your stress and keep healthy.

+ stay tuned here, over the entire month of February, we’re going to post ways to help you STRESS LESS!

{Pic: this is my visual happy place / de-stresser, I have it as my wallpaper on my computer, phone and iPad. Just thought I’d share!}