how to control YOUR {& your BLOKE’s} STRESS HEAD



however across the nation we’re a bunch of stress heads!

Yep, over 21,000 Australians completed Blackmores Stress Quiz and the results reveal, we’re all pretty stressed – and it’s affecting our health BIG-TIME.

The report shows women are handling stress better than men, and are ‘stressed-less’ than men across almost all surveyed stress triggers {hmm, no surprise there}… but what is suprising is men are more stressed about their diet and what they eat {50% of male’s site this as a cause of stress and only 37% of females do} and 68% get stressed by messiness or untidiness compared to 50% of women.

+ 67% of men also report their self-esteem as a cause of stress in their life versus 53% of women.

+ of the total people surveyed, 63% feel like their lives are out of control, 49% reported they are more stressed now than the same time last year, and 30 – 39 year olds form the most stressed age group in Australia.

So what’s contributing to our stress? Lack of sleep, bills and work! 1. 71% of Aussies surveyed are stressed by not sleeping well 2. 68% of Aussies are stressed about their mortgage, bills and finances 3. 67% of Aussies report getting stressed about making errors at work.


Okay, now the good news… “There are many things we can do to proactively manage stress in our lives,” says Blackmores Director of Education, Pam Stone…

… and here are Pam’s tips to help you {and your man} stress-less:

• Good nutrition helps your body recover from stress and provides you with the resources you need to deal with it. Limit caffeine and other stimulants along with alcohol. Fuel up with nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich foods like fresh vegetables and vegetable juices, whole grains, nuts and lean protein foods. Supplementing your diet with a multivitamin can help provide nutrients during times of stress that a busy lifestyle sometimes doesn’t allow.

• B calm. Support your body and take B vitamins; in times of stress our bodies have an increased requirement for vitamins, especially B vitamins. During stress, nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B5 are important for supporting adrenal function. CLICK HERE for more info

• Sleep easy. Adequate sleep rejuvenates your mind, as well as your body but it’s a catch 22, when stressed often not being able to get a good night’s sleep is a side effect. To promote sleep, avoid eating late and having a large meal at night. Avoid caffeine after 12pm and don’t exercise too late in the day. You can also take a herbal supplement containing valerian that supports your body’s natural ability to sleep soundly . Other beneficial ingredients include lemon balm and magnesium. CLICK HERE for more info

• Exercise is key to stress management. Physical activity plays an important role in reducing the effects of stress. Not only does exercise produce feel-good endorphins, it helps clear the head, burn off pent-up tension and gives you more energy.

• Connect with others. A good social support system is a vital resource for dealing with stress {and something women are often better at than men}. Talking to people you know and trust helps to give you a better perspective on things.

• Take control of your finances. Monitor your spending habits. Proper planning and budgeting will help you feel in control in this area. Get expert help if needed.

• Work smart. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Be realistic about timeframes and try to manage expectations with workloads. And remember to take regular breaks during the day, take a 10 minute stroll outside or perhaps go to the gym at lunch-time. You’ll be more productive in the long run.

“Remember that stress is not so much what happens to you as how you respond,” said Stone. “What you eat, how much sleep you get and other lifestyle factors have a strong bearing on how you deal with stress. Make positive choices about how you manage stress, be proactive, take control and restore balance to your life.”

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