celeb mumma: JOOLS OLIVER

exclusive interview with Jools Oliver


so when the gorgeous Leigh, from Six By The Bay blog, asked if I’d like to re-post an interview she did with Mrs Jamie Oliver, I said
‘YES please, awesome, amazing, thank you, LOVE Jools’!!!

So dah-nah… here’s Leigh’s mum-to-mum interview with Jools:

Q. Could you please sum up motherhood in 3 words?
Jools: Exhausting, mind boggling and happy.

Q: Describe a typical day in your life as a mother..
Jools:  I am up always early at 6ish to get all the the breakfast sorted, get the kids up and we chat about our day over brekkie. From them on it’s the general rush to do the school run! I bath with the little ones and get them dressed and the big ones get ready to go. We all leave together and I drop the big ones at school and Petal at nursery. Then Bud and I head to the park. We pick up Petal together and then all have lunch.

The afternoon consists of more park and sand pits and either I or our lovely nanny will pick up the girls from school and from then on it’s a whirl wind of tea time, noise, homework and bath. I live for 7pm where hopefully the little ones are tucked up in bed after a huge round of stories and the big ones are cuddled up next to me on the sofa, me with a cappuccino and them with their hot milk. Phew day almost done!!!

Q: You have had four children. Were the pregnancies similar or completely different?
Jools: All the pregnancies were very similar apart from Buds as with him I felt sick all evening and in to the night. Horrible. But I craved the same things as with the girls and felt and carried exactly the same as the girls too.

Q: At the end of a long day, how do you reward yourself?
Jools: With a large cappuccino and a nice dinner coupled with trashy tv. Perfect!

Q: Who do you turn to for advice on Motherhood?
Jools:  Always my mum or my two sisters as they both have children of similar ages. Also close friends as they do things slightly differently and its always good to get a different perspective on motherhood!

Q: What is the best advice you were given?
Jools: Probably don’t listen to other peoples advice us mums know exactly what’s best for our little ones.

Q: You have a whole day to yourself….. what would you do?
Jools: Wow! Would love that! Would have a cup of tea in bed then hang out in my tracksuit all day pottering around the house. Have a lovely lunch with friends then a manicure and a blow dry!!! Head home for afternoon tea and a few good mags!

Q: What values are important to you with regards to your children and their upbringing?
Jools: Firstly manners and politeness are very, very important in our house. Kindness, being sensitive to other peoples feelings and treat people the way you would want to be treated!

Q: Do you see your traits or talents in any of your children?
Jools: Definitely Pops loves to write and tell stories and has an amazing imagination like her Dad. Daisy loves fashion and dancing and making people laugh but is a bit of a worrier like me and Petal and Buds are just beginning to show their little personalities. I think they are a complete mixture of us both. It’s fascinating.

Q: I can’t stand being stared at when my child throws a tantrum in public! How do you cope when the paparazzi are snapping away?
Jools: Well you get used to it. I actually just ignore it, you know. Who cares. Generally the paps are young boys who haven’t a clue about kids so what the hell, just maintain the smile and carry on teeth gritted!!!

What is your style of mothering? Routine or go with the flow?
Jools: I am still a very much routine mum as I like to know when I am going to get a break!!!! It’s a little different with the older girls as I am much more relaxed. They are such good girls that it’s a pleasure most of the time to have them with us every where so I am a little bit more relaxed, with bed times especially in the holidays all timing go out the window!!!

Q: What makes you most happy as a mother?
Jools: I am just so happy to see them happy. Very simple. If I hear giggles come from the garden or bedroom etc, it makes my heart burst.

Leigh Van Der Horst
is a mum of four, a happy wife and a nurse who has a burning passion to write and hopes to conquer her dreams. After losing her much loved mother to cancer in 2008, Leigh began searching for ways to live a happier and more fulfilling life and hopes to inspire others. Leigh writes often about her life lessons on her blog www.sixbythebay.blogspot.com, hosts a Facebook Page www.facebook.com/sixbythebay dedicated to happiness and inspiration and can be found on Twitter @sixbythebay