copy-cat her hair: PERFECTLY PASTEL


perfection for a bit of fun!

Here’s the how-to-do’s {and the important before and after info}:

what you need:
second day dirty hair
a robe, cape or an old t-shirt
coloured chalk
a water sprayer

what you do:
* Put on your robe or cape and lay something down on the floor to catch the chalk dust that falls off. The chalk does get EVERYWHERE!

* Spray your hair with water depending on the colour {see notes below}

* Twist your hair into sections

* Colour the ends of your hair with the chalk by rubbing it on your strands. The twisted texture of your hair will help the chalk to release more pigment.

* After you have chalked each twisted clump, brush the excess powder out of your hair. Easy! You can use one colour or multi-colours!

Things you should know before you start: If you’re blonde or you have blonde tips, DO NOT wet your hair before chalking. It will stain if you do because adding water to pure pigment creates a real dye.If you’re okay with the staining for several washes then go for it! If you’re looking to do colour for the day, do not add water at any time. If your hair colour is anything darker than blonde and you don’t have blonde tips,
you’ll NEED the water.

Doubling the pigment is what will help the colours to show up on darker hair. Mist a little water on the strand with a spray bottle, then chalk it up! It won’t stain darker hair the same way it will on lighter hair. Red heads– try it without water and if the colour just isn’t showing, add a little water. It just depends on how light or dark your red is.

Be warned: the chalk will get on your clothes during the day, so try and wear something close to the colour you’re sporting. Doing updos with chalked hair is ideal because you won’t get as much on your outfit. Don’t chalk your hair too often. You’re using powder pigment on the ends of your hair and that can suck up a lot of natural moisture that you need in the ends of your hair.

How to remove your chalk colour: * Before you shower, brush your hair with a soft, natural hair brush to get out as much pigment as you possibly can {it should come off almost all the way with brushing}.

* Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo after chalking.* Give your hair a conditioning treatment after you wash out your chalk. This is a MUST to replenish the moisture that may have been sucked out with chalking.

{Source: The Beauty Department}