tried & loved: EAT FIT FOOD’s 5 DAY CLEANSE


I’ve read about them and have friends that regularly do them, although as amazing as the benefits may be, the thought of drinking all my meals through a straw for a week wasn’t so appealing!

So when the opportunity arose to partake in a cleanse that involved three meals a day {plus snacks} and fresh juice,I was a little intrigued to say the least… by bM’s style contributor, Lara Edel

I’m the girl that always goes back for the second slice of cake, adds salt to the salted chips and will always take the full fat option.. I’m the first to admit I am not the poster child for healthy living, but I want to make a change and hey… you have to start somewhere, right?

So down to business.

I embarked on a test if you will… to see if I could stick to this 5 Day Cleanse.

The Eat Fit Food 5 Day Cleanse is free of dairy, wheat, gluten, red meat, unhealthy fats, refined sugars {my biggest vice} and low-zero food chemicals and preservatives. Which for me is cutting out almost everything I usually eat, although in doing this cleanse, I found that I can have so many delicious things that don’t contain any of these.

The best thing about this is that EFF deliver straight to your door Monday, Wednesday and Friday with EVERYTHING included. The thought of not having to worry about food shopping or cooking
for a whole week was enough for me to sign up!

I won’t lie; the first two days without my morning ritual of strong coffee {with two sugars} and sugary oats and honey for brekkie was hard! I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. It was such a wake up call. I hadn’t ever stopped to think about what I was starting my day with…coffee and a lot of sugar!

By Wednesday morning though, I woke up without that headache! I felt great, had more energy and really looked forward to opening my front door to find out what healthy goodness awaited me for the days ahead!

By Thursday I had noticed that I hadn’t felt bloated or sluggish all week, which for me is a big deal. After drinking two litres of water a day for a week I also realised how dehydrated I must have been before, my skin had more of a glow and I just felt generally better in myself by Friday.

Since then, I’ve kept up with the two litres of water a day, cut out more than half the sugar I was having each day {it’s a long road with this ‘addiction’} and im making generally healthier choices.

If anything this cleanse is a great way to kick-start a better health regime for yourself as well as having a well deserved break from grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

And did I mention that the food tastes amazing!! I really miss that luxury of having my own personal chef/nutritionist each day. I was so surprised at the menu, I couldn’t believe that this was a ‘cleanse’!

Here’s my Thursday Detox Menu:

PRE-BREAKFAST: rejuvenate with apple, carrot, celery, beetroot & ginger juice

BREAKFAST: poached free range eggs with gluten free toast, dukkah and tomato crush

SNACK: carob and banana balls

LUNCH: quinoa, beetroot and broccoli salad with sultanas, pepitas and raspberry dressing

SNACK: Eat Fit Food Cleanse Bar

DINNER: ginger and garlic poached chicken with asian greens, asparagus and tamari almonds

The great thing about Eat Fit Food, {besides the personal chef, nutritionist and delivery to you door} is that they have so many different options for you to choose from, not just the 5 Day Cleanse. You can partake in a 10 Day Detox, a 20 Day Overhaul or just choose from their more basic, yet flexible healthy eating program.

For more info on prices and programs head to