how to fake PEDICURE PERFECT feet

how to fake pedicure-perfect feet


Check out these five sneaky ways to get great-looking feet in a flash…

There are plenty of ways to fake pretty, pedicured feet when you don’t have time for a pedi. Starting with:

• Luminiser is your friend. The illuminating magic you use on your face can make rough, gnarly toes look soft and glowy. Just dab a little on rough spots and on top of exposed toes.

• Also a quick fix? Oil. Argan, neem, avocado, or even the regular olive oil from your kitchen will do. Rubbing your feet down with it will fill in cracks and diffuse the look of callouses better than lotion does. It makes polish-free nails look great, too.

• If you can soak your feet in warm water and get them softened up before you apply the oil, your results will be even better.

• Bright toenail polish can hide a multitude of sins, and it makes you look a lot “fancier” than a neutral shade does. People also only tend to notice the polish and will overlook any not-so-well-groomed bits.

 • Bronzer can also be a big help if you have toe issues. Dusting it along the tops of your feet will help minimise the look of splotchiness and darker patches of thick skin.

{Pic: Allure}