how-to: SPRING CLEAN chemical-free


by guest blogger Barb de Corti

With a bit of teamwork and some tips from Barb, CEO of ENJO and bellaMUMMA’s ‘queen of eco-friendly cleaning’, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge chore.

Here are Barb’s time-saving tips for a sparkling spring home:

TEAMWORK IS THE NAME OF THE GAME: The key to a quick spring clean is teamwork – even the youngest members of the family can help out. I recommend assigning everyone a room or outdoor space. If you have teenagers, give them a few days warning. Anything left on the bedroom floor after three days will go to the rubbish or charity. That will get them motivated!

BEAUTIFUL BEDROOMS: At the start of each season, I strip the beds, turn the mattresses over, vacuum all surfaces and wash any mattress protectors and dust mite covers. To leave the room with a fresh smell minus the nasty chemicals, mix up a spray bottle of water and about 20 drops of your favourite essential oils and spray towards the centre of the room. Try 10 drops of lavender essential oil, five drops bergamot essential oil, five drops of clove essential oil and two drops peppermint essential oil with half a cup of water in a spray bottle.

KITCHEN CUPBOARDS: Spring is a great time to remove all food items from the pantry, plus cutlery and crockery from the cupboards and give those hidden kitchen surfaces a good wipe down with a dry (or wet – to remove food stains) ENJO Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth. To complete the job, make your visible surfaces really sparkle with the ENJO Kitchen Miracle which dries fast, leaving nothing behind for bacteria to feed on!

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: If you’ve decided to take your spring cleaning to the next level and you’re doing some repainting, the ENJO Outdoor Glove replaces the need for sugar soap to prepare your walls. Just wipe down the walls with the Glove and a little water and you’re ready to paint.

OUTDOOR BLITZ: It’s easy to forget about your outdoor areas during winter, so it’s likely they’ll need some attention now so you can enjoy them as the warmer weather returns. I use the extendable, bendable ENJO Outdoor Flexi to remove the cobwebs and dust off the outside of the house, especially around windows and hard to reach areas. I also give my windows, glass doors and pool fences a quick once over with the ENJO Outdoor Window Cleaner, which features both the fibre and blade on the one unit for super-quick cleaning.

Wash down the deck with your ENJO Floorcleaner using the Extreme Floor Fibre. It’s perfect for timber decks or tiled areas. Don’t forget to give the BBQ a wipe with your ENJO BBQ Glove. Even if you haven’t used it, you never know what’s been walking over it during the winter months. Plus you might like to check and refill your BBQ gas bottle so it’s ready to go for summer.

TO FINISH: Have some drinks in the fridge and some special treats to reward the whole family for their efforts. Sit back, relax and admire your handy work.

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