happy, healthy VITAL KIDS

happy, healthy VITAL KIDS + giveaway


When you take potatoes out of this, it falls to less than 5%. {Scary!}

So what can you do to support your kids diet while you work on getting them to eat their vegies?
The makers of Vital Greens have specially developed formula just for kids, Vital Kids! They’ve taken out the ‘grown=up’ ingredients and added in lots of natural goodies
especially for kids.

Vital Kids is an all-in-one daily multinutrient containing 56 vital ingredients to provide nutritional support and energy during those crucial growth spurts; it’s the first Australian children’s’ product to include Brahmi which is clinically tested to improve memory, learning and concentration in children; and it tastes great, Vital Kids has a natural mixed berry flavour, and is  sweetened with natural organic sweetener!

Vital Kids is also gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, lactose free, yeast free, egg free and free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

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  • Emma

    Oh awesome! My peanut is allergic to eggs and dairy – a bit of a challenge trying to keep his diet fresh and varied. I have a green shake every morning and he always eyes mine off – I’d love this kiddy version! Thanks for letting me know anyway, even if I don’t win – I like that it’s free of so much unnecessary stuff and full of all the good stuff!

  • Laura

    It’s great stuff. Really ticks so many busy mum boxes. Would love this!

  • Rachel

    My boys are not bad at eating broccoli but most other veges don’t make it near their mouths. I like to offer them green smoothies but it would be great to have a specific kid product that they know is theirs…this makes it hugely appealing to them!

  • Karly

    My son hasn’t eaten a green vege since he was a toddler and it worries me. Vital Kids would trick him into thinking he was just having a yummy drink.

  • Rachel K

    What a blessing this would be! It would take the hassle out of hiding vegetables!!!!

  • latanya t

    I like that it is healthy and contains organic sweetner

  • Melissa Jones

    That’s great! My boy has poor appetite, but he never refuses sweet food and drink. Vital kids, which contains organic sweetener, would offer the nutrition that he needs while growing up.

  • Cathy Stone

    Love Vital Kids, because a product that is designed specifically for kids, that tastes great, meets all the essential nutritional requirements for growing bodies, natural with no hidden nasties like artificial additives is a winner in my book and a must to benefit every child’s diet..

  • Mel

    Miss fussy 3 year old wouldnt even question her sweet berry drink is healthy – the ultimate stealth mission! Love It!

  • Rebecca

    This would be fantastic for my kids, especially that it helps with learning, my little man is struggling with his speech and anything that helps is welcome around here!