bM’s reader-review:


well, it seems our reader-reviewers are too! Here’s what they thought:

Inge {left} says:

“I loved TOM’s organic material and beautiful no-fuss packaging. Overall the feel was very similar to the brand I have been using. The pads were thinner but worked well. I would definitely buy them again and would recommend them to my friends.” Inge’s rating: 5 out of 5

Julie {right} says:

“I haven’t used TOM before but some work colleagues have {do} and love them. I love the packaging, it’s so young and colourful. My main concern was if they would leak but I’m happy to say they don’t. And I found them easier to insert {this may be too much info!} I have been  recommending them to my friends.” Julie’s rating: 5 out of 5

Karen {left} says:

“Firstly it’s reassuring to know they’re 100% organic cotton, free from chemicals and bleaches. I particularly liked the ultra-thin liners and the day pads are so ultra-thin and absorbent. I like the mini-tampon size and the packaging. I also love that TOM is an acronym for Time Of Month! The night pads are also ultra-thin and I wasn’t confident to use them at first but then I did give them a go and changed it when I got up to feed my bubba in middle of the night. Saying that, on the subsequent nights the pad did last. I would definitely buy TOM again because organic, chemical free sanitary products are so important to avoid, otherwise associated, health risks.” Karen’s rating: I would give them all a 5, but 3 for the night pad, I’d like to see a thicker one.

Kimberly {right} says:

“I really liked that the brand respected women’s bodies, creating products that aren’t harmful! I also loved the thought that they put into their packaging and quality of the products. I’m not sure if this is just coincidence but my period was shortened! From the usual 6-7 days to 4-5 days, that was just great! The tampons were fabulous, just as absorbent as the leading brands, but these were better because there were ‘No bleaches, no dyed strings, no “silky smooth” polypropylene {plastic} coating’ yay! I’m going to buy again and recommend them to my friends.” Kimberly’s rating: 5 out of 5

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