Melinda Shallard


guest melbourne contributor

Mel is now living in Melbourne, so stay tuned… she’s going to be bringing us everything stylish from her new State!

Here’s a little sneak peek into Mel’s world:

“Life after studying lead me into all sorts of roles and industries around the globe, Building, Recruitment, Banking, Telecommunications and Retail. As the technological world evolves my career interests have lead me to grow a passion for social media and all that it has to offer small and large businesses.

My family is my world, my gorgeous supportive husband has been by my side for 12 years; I have a five year old daughter Maddyn who is our dreamer, a lover and one that likes to be a tad bit different from everyone else; and a cheeky three year old daughter, Eden who is our doer – she’s as wise as an
owl and likes to be involved in everything.

Me in 3 words: Creative, thoughtful and loyal My starsign: Sagittarian

My fave colour: Animal Print? Isn’t that a colour? No, okay, Aqua!

Three new songs playing on my iPod:
Spits on Girls – Amy Shark
Faded – Zhu
Chandelier – Sia

My Sunday morning ritual: In summer months: hanging out at the beach for Nippers, in winter, cooking the family a gourmet brekkie.

The thing I love most about being a mumma: The love, the joy, the cuddles.

On kid-free days: On the rare occasion that this occurs I usually, enjoy a dose of retail therapy, breakfast/dinner out with hubbie or just catching up with friends for coffee.

My fave beauty treatment: A body massage and or an eyebrow wax, which I find soo relaxing that I can almost fall asleep, {weird I know} – oh, and getting my nails done!

In five years time, I would love to be reflecting and beaming with delight on how much I have achieved in the past five years in all aspects of my life.”

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