copy-cat her hair: FISHTAIL BRAID with a TWIST

perfection for day or night in summer! 
Here’s the how-to-do:

Step 1: Boost volume by applying dry shampoo to the roots of day-old hair. Spray the rest of your hair with texturising spray and smooth a bit of styling wax over select pieces. 
 Step 2: Part hair in the middle and make two ponytails, one at the nape of your neck and one just above it. Leave out a few long strands in front. 
 Step 3: Accessorise it! Secure each ponytail with a clear elastic and tie a long piece of suede or leather cord around each elastic. {You can get the cord at a fabric store.}
 Step 4: Do a loose fishtail braid {CLICK HERE if you need a refresher} on each ponytail, including the rope with each piece that you wrap forward. Secure each braid with another elastic and tie
the cord around the ends. 
 Step 5: Wrap the two braids around each other. Secure with another elastic or piece of rope. 
 Step 6: Pin the loose hair in front back over the top of the braid. Set with strong-hold hairspray.
{Source: Total Beauty / Pic:}