the PERFECT father’s day BURGER & beer BBQ sauce…

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and here we incorporate  two internationally recognised mens-favourite-things-of-all-time: Beef, Beer and BBQ. 
 This aint just any old burger… it is the perfect cheeseburger! A little bit of effort will go a long way to creating the perfect combination of juicy meaty flavour, just-right richness and acidity, and the icing on the cake – beer bbq sauce*
 We make this burger at our Burger Bar every week, and the same burger obsessed customers come back week after week with almost religious devotion. Today, we’d ike to share our secrets to the perfect burger: 
 • THE RIGHT CUT: get together the best cuts of meat to give a good, strong beefy flavour; we use equal portions of beef rump, brisket and shin. Don’t forget: fat is flavour! These cuts have just the right amount of fat to make the patty extra delicious. Make sure you buy good quality, aged beef. You can tell well aged beef by the colour and texture of the meat. It will be dry, as opposed to shiny and wet. It should also be dark in colour, almost purple, rather than bright red. Try the “poke test” with your meat: the proteins in aged meat have softened so much, that if you poke the meat with your finger an indent will remain in the flesh. Meat which is too fresh will have tighter proteins and the flesh will bounce back once poked. 
• CUT IT RIGHT: ask your butcher to mince the meat from frozen through the coarsest setting, only once. Pre-minced meat is usually minced through the finest setting twice, resulting in fine and grainy meat which does not retain moisture well (you’ve probably seen pools of bloody liquid seeping out of mince in pre packaged trays before). A good burger should have slightly larger chunks of meat which retain moisture and also offer more texture – there’s something to bite into. 
• SHAPE IT RIGHT: it’s important not to overwork the mince. Form a patty from very cold meat and lightly squash with your hands until it just comes together. All meat shrinks during cooking, and often burgers will end up thicker in the centre. To avoid this, use your thumb to make a large indent in the centre. 
• SEASON IT RIGHT: good quality beef speaks for itself so there is no need to add any herbs, mustard or seasoning besides some black pepper. Never put salt in the mix either – as this will draw out the moisture. It’s better to salt the meat as it’s cooking on the bbq. 
• COOK IT RIGHT: Although you should always cook pre-packed mince meat well done, a fresh lot direct from your butcher is begging to be cooked medium. Bring the meat to room temperature before cooking and make sure you oil the meat, not the pan/bbq to avoid sticking and flare ups. Cook it on a medium-hot grill or pan and flip only once to avoid it breaking up. You want to get a good amount of caramelisation. Like with any other meat, burgers should be rested in a warm place before serving. 
• LESS IS MORE: keep the burger simple to allow the key flavours to shine through. The cheese adds a yummy melted creaminess, the pickle adds just enough acidity, and Sammy and Bella’s Beer BBQ sauce rounds out the flavour with well balanced sweetness, smokiness and all round yumminess! 
Sammmy & Bella’s Fathers Day Cheeseburger with beer bbq sauce 
Serves: 4, makes 8 medium sized burgers 
what you need:
 200g rump steak, coarsely minced 
200g chuck steak, coarsely minced 
200g beef brisket, coarsely minced 
30g (1 medium) eschallot, finely chopped 
½ tsp ground black pepper 
2 Tbsp vegetable oil salt, to taste 
8 Tbsp Sammy and Bella’s Beer BBQ sauce* 
8 medium soft white sesame seed buns, or 4 large 
8 slices cheddar cheese 
2 dill pickled cucumbers (try the Polish or Israeli types), thinly sliced 
1. Ask your butcher to coarsely grind the meat for you. Mix together with chopped eschallots and pepper and form into 8 equal sized patties. 
2. Heat the BBQ to medium-high. Brush the burgers with oil, season generously with salt. To cook the burgers medium, cook for 4 minutes on one side, then 3 minutes on the other, placing the slice of cheese on top for the final minute of cooking. Allow the burgers to rest in a warm spot for a few minutes. 
3. Slice open and toast the burger buns and place a generous dollop of Sammy and Bella’s Beer BBQ sauce* on either side. Place the burger inside, then top with sliced pickle. Serve immediately. 
*  Sammy and Bella’s Beer BBQ Sauce:  You can pick up a pack of the Beer BBQ sauce this Saturday for only $4 with any burger purchase. the way to a man’s heart… this is literally beer and bbq in a bottle! we use coopers green ale to give bitterness, which offsets the deep caramel flavours to perfection. throw in a secret blend of herbs and spices, and you’ve got him hook, line and sinker. delicious on a bacon and egg roll, or use it to baste your favourite BBQ dish.
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