perfume RULES

how to stop over-powering perfume
so to avoid being overwhelmed – {and overwhelming everyone around you} with too much perfume, follow these guidelines…
* If you’re wearing an actual perfume, use no more than one or two drops and, for an eau de parfum, no more than three sprays; these are the most concentrated forms of fragrance, and they last for many, many hours. {Even longer than you’ll be able to smell them on yourself, so resist the urge to reapply.}
* You can mist more freely with the diluted stuff: Four spritzes of an eau de toilette and six mists of a cologne should do the trick.
* And when going to work or a party, avoid layering scented body wash and lotion underneath: It can enhance an already potent scent to the extreme.
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  • They’re good tips.

    I hate being stuck near someone who has overdone it. There is a fine line, and I always try not to cross it. x

  • Great tips!! I broke this one when I sprayed on the new Versace scent at Macys last week…later that night it was so strong my hubby kindly asked if I could take a shower at 11pm! He had a massive headache because of it! oops! ;-D