weekend hair: BLAKE’S BRAIDED BUN


how perfect is this braided bun for the weekend – or for a wedding!

Here’s how to recreate it:

1. Blow-dry hair off with some form of texturising spray would be a good start. Better yet, washing the hair the night before so you can embrace its natural grittiness upon waking the next day will work fantastically. Just spray some dry shampoo through the roots to soak up any oil slicks that have set up camp on your head (and provide some extra oomph).

2. Section off a 3 or 4 cm deep section of hair at the start of your hairline from ear to ear. This is what will create the loose layers around the face, as well as the straight, unplaited strands in the bun at the back.

3. Create two plaits either side of your part immediately behind the hair you just sectioned off. Continue to plait these sections until you reach the end of your hair, and then incorporate them into a one big plait using the longer locks at the back.

4. Create the bun-like finish by twisting the large plait around itself and pin it in place at the nape of the neck. Finally, take the front piece of hair you sectioned off originally and wrap them messily around the plaited bun, pinning them into the plait using bobby pins, keeping some of the front layers free.

Oh, and remember to keep these strands slightly imperfect so the finish is untidy, textured, and wispy like Blake’s.

{Source: Primped}