expert advice: HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY


{a truly beauty-full, amazing and inspiring bella mumma!}

Take time for yourself daily. It’s important to have you-time. It may be drawing a bath, reading a book with your cup of coffee in the morning, going on a walk or run, etc. That time is SO important. Remember who you are as a person. As a mother, we tend to put everyone else first; but I believe that to be the best mother you can be and the best wife, partner, or friend; you need to have you time. My husband and I go dancing or I go line dancing with my friends. Dancing is my outlet and it allows me to just let go and have fun. Find something you enjoy.

Eat healthy and stay active. Your body is the only one you have, so treat it with respect. Nourish your body, eat healthy food, and drink lots of water, but don’t deprive yourself of a cookie or a treat every now and then. Walking, running, zumba, or whatever it is that you enjoy, try to make it fun. Find a group of ladies to run with or use that time by yourself to get your walk in and have some alone time. Find what works best for you. Also, taking care of yourself, eating healthy, and staying active also teaches our kids to do the same.

Embrace who you are. Embrace what you have been given. Instead of focusing on the things that you find negative, ask yourself what do I LOVE about me? What makes me special and unique? Everyone has talents and features that should be appreciated. What are yours? I used to be teased as a child for the mole on my face, my bum, and my weight. Now I am a plus model and I’m not ashamed to say I weigh 175 lbs – I love who I am, my bum and my mole are two of my favourite features! They make me unique and I love that! When you are comfortable with who you are as a woman, it shows.

Set a good example. Being a mother to a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, I want to set a good example for them. I don’t want them to see mommy constantly on the scale or in the mirror asking, “Do I look fat?” I want them to remember me as a confident and happy woman. I ask them daily, what do you love about yourself? What is one of your talents? I want my daughter to be confident and I want my son to have confidence and respect women just like his daddy does. So, on the days when I am feeling frumpy, my children are my little reminders of how I need to set a good example to them.

Carry yourself with confidence. Walk with confidence and be proud of not only your body, but also who you are as a person. How you treat others, smiling at someone as they walk by or holding a door open for someone. Little acts of kindness show your confidence. I believe people who are truly happy live a life of balance. When you are happy with the way you live your life, it shows. Be proud of the woman you are.

ANGELA JONES is a wife, stay at home mother of two children, and a “plus size” model. She’s also the co-creator of the PLUS-SIZE MODELS UNITE – an on-line community for ALL women to share their personal stories; exchange ideas; discuss body image, self-esteem, confidence, fashion, beauty, health, and a plethora of other topics.

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  • well said, Mrs. Jones!!!

  • I truly believe in everything you said!! So very important and also sends a great message to our daughters and grandaughter!

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