MAY 25, 2011

YOU MAY, OR MAY NOT, HAVE NOTICED that I haven’t posted a diary entry for the last coupla weeks?

That’s because the last coupla weeks have been a blur, to say the least! Remember when I posted that I’d had a mole cut out? Hmmm, yes… well that mole turned out to be a melanoma – NOT the news you want to hear!

To cut a long story short, after some seriously scary days and nights {being completely freaked out}, I went to hospital and now it has been all been removed! {Dah nah – my scar!}

Today, {10 days after my surgery} I got my final pathlogy results… ALL CLEAR!

So I say to you, my friends… protect your skin, check your skin, have it checked by a dermatologist – and if something doesn’t seem quite right, see your doctor straight away!

I also want to say… BIG thanks to: everyone at The Melanoma Institute, my family, my gorgeous super-supportive friends, & my new friend Petah!

NY x

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Melanoma Institute’s pioneeering work + HERE to donate : )



  • Oh that must have been awful…..so Happy for you that it’s all clear now.

  • How scary … and thanks for sharing. I think us sun loving Aussies need to be reminded of things like this. Thinking of you x

  • Val

    Oh dear, I am glad it was all clear and take good care love! xx

  • Wow that would have been a horrible scare. So glad everything is clear now. Take care of yourself.

    Thanks for posting this – definitely important to check everything.

  • Wow, so glad to read that it’s all behind you. What a scary feel this must have been… Wishing you a full physical and psychological recovery. Hugs, Si-

  • I’m so pleased you have the all clear. I can imagine how worrying the past weeks have been. All the best. x

  • Unbelievably scary! So glad you now have the all clear x

  • hun – first time on your blog – so sad to read what you hav ebeen through – similar thing happened to me 4 years ago – sooooo scary – we had the car packed and were en route to our holiday destination and I had a check up that had arrived for that day and just thought yeah no probs – can do that en route – oh heck – when they said they then had to do a biopsy as they had found something – OMG!!! and then another test and then a 2 week wait for results – I was terrified on the inside – had to be fab on the outer – had to think of the children – didnt cry until they said its ok – its not malignant – then I sobbed! Thinking about you hun and pleased it is ok x

  • Sorry that you had to go through that! I am trying to protect my skin… 🙂

  • Another reminder that we have to take care of our bodies- it’s the only thing that is actually ours. Thank you so much for sharing, and I am thrilled that it was taken care of.
    Much love
    Ana from peachy keen

  • oh my gosh! you take care of yourself!!!!!

  • So glad you’re ok!

  • Oh lovely, big, big hugs xx

  • very scary! SO happy all is ok!!

  • Sending hugs and prayers of wellness from East Coast USA – how scary. I’m so glad it’s over and the biopsy was encouraging. Take good care of yourself! xo

  • Thank you everyone for your comments and support…
    I feel very blessed to have such special and amazing blog friends!
    BIG love to you all…
    nikki xxxx

  • Nikki so glad all is clear, such a scary time! xoxo